Sample Case

45 year old female presented with right arm weakness and a Head CT with and without contrast was performed. CT demonstrates subarachnoid hemorrhage with a left MCA aneurysm.

Image 1 - Non Contrast CT Image 2 - CT Angiogram Image 3 - CTA 3D Reformat

Cerebral angiography was then performed demonstrating the left MCA aneurysm.  Aneurysm was measured in Image 6.

Image 4 - Cerebral Angiogram Image 5 - Cerebral Angiogram Image 6 - Measurements

A microcatheter was advanced into the aneurysm and coils deployed (Images 7 and 8). Post procedure images demonstrate occlusion of the aneurysm (Image 9).

Image 7 - Microcatheter Image 8 - Coil Deployment Image 9 - Final Result


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