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Neurovascular Coils

Cerenovus - www.cerenovus.com

MicroVention - www.microvention.com

Medtronic - www.medtronic.com

Stryker - www.stryker.com/neurovascular

Penumbra - www.penumbrainc.com

Balt - www.Balt-usa.com

Shape Memory - www.shapemem.com/neurovascular

Wallaby Medical - www.wallabymedical.com

MicroPort - www.microport.com


Peripheral Coils

Terumo - www.terumois.com

Medtronic - www.medtronic.com

Penumbra - www.penumbrainc.com

Balt - www.Balt-usa.com

Shape Memory - www.shapemem.com/peripheral-vascular

Coil Volume Total (mm3)
Aneurysm Volume: (mm3)
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Coil volume is determined using the formula for a cylinder. While most coils have a circular primary wind, there are slight variations which the outer diameters provided by the manufacturers reflects. Please see Background for more details.

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